An Apple a Day

The old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” comes from an old English adage, “To eat an apple before going to bed will make the doctor beg his bread.” While this may not be  completely true, a regular dose of     apples in your diet is a good choice.

As we approach fall apple orchards across the country are preparing for the fall harvest. Most people have a      favorite apple variety and with 100 commercially grown varieties in the U.S. there is no shortage of options. Apples are a diverse fruit found around the world and are packed with nutrients and fiber.

 Nutritionally, apples are an all star. Vitamins A, C, E, K and B are all found in apples. Minerals, electrolytes, and phytonutrients are also abundant in apples. Apples contain no sodium, fat, or cholesterol and for a medium-sized apple you are looking at about 80 calories. So as you can see it really is a great choice for anyone that is conscientious about what they eat.

 For the maximum benefit eat your apples raw with the skin. The skin of the apple is where you will find your highest concentration of fiber and  nutrients. I recommend that you eat organically grown fruit whenever  possible, but if that is not an option apples are a fruit that can be easily washed. You don’t want to offset the benefits of the apple with the harmful effects of chemicals that may have been sprayed on the fruit.

Finally, if where you live allows it, take advantage of the fall weather and the apple harvest, pile into the car and go apple picking. Many orchards   allow you to pick your own apples and often have special events throughout the fall to draw people in. Make an afternoon of it. Enjoying the     sunshine with loved ones, walking around the orchard in the fresh fall air, and of course eating the fruits of your labor makes for a well rounded day of health and wellness. If you don’t live in a region where you can pick apples, still make a day of it.  Pack a picnic with your favorite food, including apples, and take a trip that includes a nice outdoor hike and    picnic!  How do you like them apples?


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