Another Day In Paradise

How satisfied are you with your life?  Are you happy with your situation?  How about your job?  Do you spend countless hours a day watching the clock and wishing it was the weekend?

According to a survey conducted by the     Conference Board research group, only 45% of Americans are satisfied with their work.  Their first survey was conducted in 1987 when 67 percent of those surveyed were satisfied.

There are many factors that influence people’s job satisfaction, such as economic recession, high unemployment rates, poor management, and undesirable coworkers.  However, the most important factor, and the factor that we have the most control over, is our attitude.

Have you ever noticed how things change when you change the way you look at things?  I know all of us would love to have our job feel like a vacation in paradise, but let’s face it, you may be in a job right now that you don’t love. Every day in every moment we have choices.  It’s the choices we make each day that have brought us to our current place in life.  So the first thing you do is CHOOSE to be HAPPY!

I can hear the rebuttals coming in already, but it’s true, you can choose to be happy at work.  You must think positive and not focus on all the negative aspects of your job.  Focus on the things that you enjoy, and if it makes sense, try to change or improve the things you don’t enjoy.  Be creative and engaged!  Work on personal and professional development so that you can move up or at least have more options within your workplace.  Create balance in your life by doing something every day that you do love!  I love my work as a Chiropractor but I also make it a point to run and sing several times per week because it gives me joy and makes me happy!

Make friends at work, it’s so much easier to be happy when you are working with friends and people you enjoy being around.  If there are people you work with that you don’t enjoy so much, at least be tolerant and seek to understand and accept differences.  Be flexible and open minded!

Lastly, if you just aren’t satisfied with your job, search for something new or go back to school!  Be willing to take risks.  Very rarely is someone successful and happy without taking risks.  You must be willing to get out of your     comfort zone if you are going to turn your vocation into your vacation in paradise!


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