Health Benefits At Risk!!

If you live in Maine and have a chiropractor, your access/benefits may soon be at risk.  There is a Bill LD882 that threatens mandated access to chiropactic care. Since 1986 there has been a law in Maine that allows all Maine residents access to chiropractic care with out a referal. It is called the Maine mandate. Please write or email your representatives to express your thoughts and tell them to vote NO on LD882 ,below is a sample letter/ email that you can use as a guide when you write to your representatives.

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Talking points for your email/letter

Talking Points for your letter: 1) LD882 is a “bare bones” bill that has the potential of eliminating chiropractic as a mandated provider. 2) LD882 eliminates competition in the healthcare market place. 3) LD882 eliminates a proven safe, effective and less costly healthcare provider. 4) Arguments that chiropractic can be purchased as an ADD ON or rider , will increase insurance premiums unnecessarily

Sample Letter ( Please paraphrase, do not copy verbatim)

Dear  Senator/ Represenative

I am writing to you to voice my opposition to LD882. Tis Bill will eliminate chiropractic as a mandated provider. Chiropractic care is less costly, safer and a very effective alternative to other forms of medical treatment, and it is important to me.

Please Vote NO on LD882

(insert a brief story about your chiropractic experience)

Thank you for your time and attention,