Speak Up For Yourself

As with any good relationship, communication is key.  This is not only true in your personal relationships, but also with your healthcare providers.  In this article I’m going to give you some insight into the importance of communication between you and your chiropractor.

So it’s important to mention these issues even if you think they are not related.  For instance, you might be coming in for mid back pain, but also have heartburn or reflux.  The nerves in this area of your spine go to your stomach and other upper digestive organs.  Interference from stress at these levels can interfere with optimal function and lead to ,digestive complaints.  The same rings true at other levels in your spine.  Headaches are commonly associated with problems in the neck.  Constipation and menstrual issues may be related to stress in the lower back.  The list goes on and on because all functions in the body are controlled and regulated by your nervous system which is housed and  protected by your spine. I can’t tell you how many times I have worked with a client and they realize that since starting care, other issues that they never mentioned, have resolved.

Chiropractors use literally hundreds of adjusting techniques and not everyone responds the same to every technique.  What works well for one may not work as well for another.  So it is imperative that you let your chiropractor know how you are responding.  I’ve had a handful of clients who have discontinued care for unknown reasons.  Then I see them somewhere and ask how they are doing and they say well, I’m still having the problems I was having when I came to see you but when I got adjusted I was sore for awhile afterwards or I would get a little bit of a headache.  Now these reactions are not common, but sometimes people have these experiences when first starting care because of all the pent up stress in their spine.  So in these cases it may be normal to experience some mild discomfort initially.  It can be like starting a new exercise routine.  In other cases, however, it may be that they don’t  respond well to a specific technique.  I’ve had clients who achieve dramatically different results with what seems like minor adjustments in technique.  If there are multiple doctors in the office you are going to, you may ask to be adjusted by another doctor.  Sometimes a    different set of hands makes all the difference.

Again, the most important key to all relationships is communication.  So speak up!



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