What is your plan?

What’s your plan?

All of us are getting older every second, but are you passively letting time tick by and simply accepting the outcome or are you actively    engaged so that you have a greater say as to how you age? A few months ago we lost a   pioneer in health and fitness, Jack LaLanne. Jack, known as the Godfather of Fitness, lived a long and    fulfilling life until his passing at the age of 96. He is a great example of a human being that lived life on his terms in a healthy manner. “The only way you can hurt the body is not use it,” LaLanne said. 

“Inactivity is the killer, and remember, it’s never too late.” 

We can see all around us how the health of the average American is getting worse   because of chronic disease primarily due to unhealthy lifestyle. Jack’s example stands in stark contrast to how most Americans live. The question we all have to deal with is which path are we going to follow?

Often, when the subject of longevity and lifestyle come up there is always someone who knows someone that smoked, drank, and ate fast food their whole life and lived to 100. That does happen sometimes and if you want to take your chances with that model I wish you all the best. However, we all know that those examples are rare and your chances of attaining the same result are extremely slim.

On the other hand, by living a healthy lifestyle there are no guarantees, but you do greatly increase the odds that you can avoid many of the health challenges that are plaguing   millions of Americans.

So what is your plan? If you want to make changes toward a healthier lifestyle and don’t know where to start, talk to your chiropractor. As chiropractors we understand the   connection between lifestyle and health. We want to help you on your journey towards a long and fulfilling life.

 By the way, Jack LaLanne was a chiropractor. Not a bad example to follow!


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